Are your current strategies yielding excellent results? Could it be better?

Our range of services reflects our strengths and know-how

Our objectives centers on:

  • help and support the development of international trade with Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya
  • provision of up-to-date, valid and reliable market situation analysis of these markets
  • achieving significant sales and revenue results through locally tested and proven cost effective marketing and sale strategies
  • production and efficiency boost through the reduction and diversification of tasks and workload
  • identifying business risks in those markets, and designing their respective management plan

Market Entry and Trade development : – unfamiliar market  in holds great opportunities and challenges. Market entry decisions made based on unreliable and not up-to-date market intelligence report with emphasis on its localization can result to serious negative effect for a company. ECOWAS Consulting have developed capability and network to provide effectives services in B2B international trade targeted to Nigerian, Ghanaian and Kenyan markets.  We take into account our clients` strengths, goals, and challenges. We study the market based on both local and international perspectives

Marketing consultancy: – the essence of any product is to generate good sales and revenue. Excellent sales requires excellent marketing plan. You believe in your product, while we believe in provision of efficient marketing schemes that can generate good results. We work hard to see that your belief and ours becomes an enduring reality.

Strategic Partnership: going into strategic partnership with us offers you lot of benefits. We combine our expertise, know-how and resources with that of yours skillfully and effectively to achieve our common goal.  It is cost effective and goal achieving oriented venture, because we base it on values such as integrity, trust, dedication, and respect for each other. We are totally committed to getting excellent results and improving capabilities essential for getting excellent results.

Resource management: have you been in a situation where managing your business activities in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya separately or together proves to be challenging and difficult? We are in business to support you in strengthening your efficiency and business sustainability. Through this service, your work load will be reduced. In addition, you will have more time, energy and resources, which you can channel into activities that drive your business to greater success.