We Operate in Sub-Saharan Africa

Is Africa Ripe and Ready for Your Business? We Can Figure That Out for You.

It is no more news that Africa is doing business. It will be your news when your company starts to conduct business activities in Sub-Sahara Africa.

You probably will be wondering is it or is it not terrible down there? What about the risks? Oh, it is an impoverished continent.

Why is China and Chinese companies enjoying tremendous business success with their African counterparts? Your answer is up to you. Mine is that, China is for growth, and understands that real growth needs to be bilateral, that growth is risky, and calculated risk brings growth.

Trade between China and sub-Sahara Africa from January to October 2013 was valued at US$172.83 billion. This means that it grew by 5.5% than that of the same period of the year 2012. The bilateral trade figure for the whole year of 2013 exceeded US$200 billion, which marked year 2013 another record high. Presently, over 2000 Chinese companies have set up investment businesses in Africa, covering the areas including agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing and processing, resources development, finance, trade, and real estate.

Sub-Sahara African governments are reforming their investment laws and rights. The legal structures are been put in place, reviewed, reformed, and re-instated to ensure that Africa is continuously viable for business and investments. These countries are investing on infrastructure development and improvement. Many Africans are receiving education for free. Manufacturing sector is growing. Service sector is improving. The telecommunication and IT industries are coming up strongly. There are still large investment and trade opportunities.

In these markets you need a trusted, dedicated and reliable partner, this is where we come in to assist you. Reliable requires adequate amount of resources.

ECOWAS Consulting can help your company know how to enter and trade with ECOWAS market region, such as Nigeria (the largest African economy and top FDI destination), and Ghana. We have developed market know how and established strong local networks there.

In ECOWAS Consulting, we have a range of services developed to reflect our strengths and expertise; We do not need to convince you only by words.

You can just sit, watch and bellow; while the strong and clever invest and enjoy success in Africa.

We can help you get there, if you are willing.