Marketing, Resource Management and International Trade Development

ECOWAS Consulting is a company founded in 2012, which focuses on marketing, resource management and international trade development. We focus on developing long lasting B2B relations between West African and European companies. We are present in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. According to the World Bank, the emergence of new development partners such as China, the untapped potential of mobilizing domestic resources, as well as the rise in private capital inflow calls for new approach – Africa as an investment proposition – and for new partnership targetting governments, development partners and the private sector.

ECOWAS Consulting business concept is based on the following facts:
  • Efficient targeted marketing is the base rock for business sales, revenue and sustainability
  • Many companies are international, but few European companies have a presence in Africa
  • African opportunities are associated with risks
  • Medium-Sized international companies desire to grow will lead them to look for new markets
  • Lack of knowledge and know-how might jeopardize potential success
  • Work overload for both company and its’ staff is counterproductive and uneconomical
ECOWAS Consulting offer solutions:
  • Strategized targeted marketing focused on fostering turnover rate increase
  • Africa`s opportunities are many for companies that seize the challenges, and we will help you establish a plan for risk management
  • The business of culture harmonization and reliability to resolve issues of trade makes it posiible for both parties to enter into a satisfactory relationship
  • The company`s Self-Applying to the new and obscure market is expensive and time consuming, – Let us take care of this for you

Our core values: reliability, honesty, dedication, hard work, and success.

MISSION: is to provide our client with customized solutions and implementation, which will be of higher quality than expected.
VISION: we want to be the most credible, reliable and respected business partner in Africa.